• ISO7637-2 Pulse3a/3b、ISO7637-3 Fast Pulses a & b
  • Compact modular cabinet
  • Output terminals provided at a height of 50mm above the floor level as specified in the ISO 7637-2 standard
  • Dedicated software for condition setting and tester control

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The KES7731 generate test pulses 3a/3b required by the ISO and SAE standards. Test pulses 3a/3b are used to simulate the transient phenomenon that occurs during the switching process.


ModelKES 7731
Pulse module 3a/3bPlug-in type
Peak voltage (Us)±20 V to ± 300 V, in steps of 0.1 V
Output impedance (Ri)50Ω
Rise time (tr)5ns±1.5ns
Pulse width (td)150 ns ±45 ns at No Load / 50 Ω Load
Repetition interval (t1)
1 to 100 kHz, in steps of 1 kHz
Generation time (t4)10ms
Pulse train interval (t5)90 ms to 9.99 s, in steps of 0.1 ms
Driving powerSupplied from the main frame
Power consumption-
Dimensions50(1.96”)W × 260(10.23”)H × 330(12.99”)D mm
WeightApprox. 2.1 kg(4.62lbs)

■ Recurrence interval frequency sweeps (1 kHz to 100 kHz) can be performed. Four modes are available for sweeps.

Ink Mode/Dec Mode


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