High-performance multifunctional AC Power SuppliesPCR-LE/LE2 Series

New stage of AC power supply supporting new energy field

The PCR-LE Series is a new line of advanced multifunctional AC power supplies that have been developed from the former PCR-L/LA Series (linear amplifier type). The PCR-LE Series provides high reliability and support to various applications by taking advantage of features that can freely control broadband waveform. Moreover, the PCR-LE Series can be configured as a core device of a test system combined with Electronic Loads and Power Analyzers for “Grid Connection Testing” in regard to dispersed power generation, such as Solar Power, Wind Power, Fuel Cell, and Gas Engine referred to as “New Energy Field”. With various options, the low frequency immunity test and various power environment tests are supported. The options for parallel operation and three-phase operation enable you to expand a single-phase system up to 27 kVA, single-phase three wires system up to 54 kVA, and a three-phase system up to 81 kVA. The system can be applied to a large-scale EMC site for testing of industrial high-capacity air conditioners.


Extended system for large capacity applications. Flexible configuration in models.

It is possible to expand to 27 kVA (single phase), 54 kVA (single phase 3-wire), and 81 kVA (three phase) by using the parallel, single phase 3-wire, and three phase operation options (expansion operation drivers). This allows the system to be used for large-scale EMC sitpoweror as test power for large-capacity industrial air conditioners.

High-quality/high-stability output with a high-speed linear amp

Extensive configuration of the system.

Each unit can be used as either a master or slave, allowing units to be individual or system depends on the requirement.

Extensive configuration of the system.

Parallel operation *The separately-sold expansion operation driver is required.

Can be expanded to 54 kVA (single phase 3-wire) or 81 kVA (three phase) when used in combination with the single phase 3-wire option or three phase option.
Combinations of different models are possible! Example:PCR2000LE + PCR2000LE + PCR4000LE = 6kVA “Three-phase” or 8kVA “Unbalanced Three-phase”

Combinations of different models are possible!

Single phase 3-wire, three phase operation * The separately-sold expansion operation driver is required.

All models / Max. expanded capacity: 54 kVA (single phase 3-wire), 81 kVA (three phase)
When used in combination with the parallel operation option
Combinations of different models are possible!Example:PCR2000LE + PCR2000LE + PCR4000LE = 6kVA “Three-phase” or 8kVA “Unbalanced Three-phase”

*8kVA when used in the "Unbalanced Three-phase"

For testing of the “Grid connected system” with reverse load flow

Conforming to the guideline of the Japanese standard requirements of system interconnection technologies

For testing of the “Grid connected system” with reverse load flow

Eco-friendly function (Energy-saving function)*Excepting PCR500LE、PCR1000LE

Equipped with earth-friendly eco-friendly functions

Sleep function

The power unit goes into the sleep mode when no output is detected for a specified period to save the power consumption.

Energy-saving operation function*

You can utilize the energy-saving function to operate only the number of power unit(s) depending on the required supply load.


Comparison with the former model PCR-LA (4 kVA)

Significantly downsized from previous models

Input/output terminal block tray for easy connections

The rear input/output terminal block tray is a slide-out type, allowing input/output cables to be connected easily. (Excepting the PCR500LE and PCR12000LE2 and PCR18000LE2 and PCR27000LE2)

Input/output terminal block tray for easy connections

Wide-ranging specs DC output also supported

ln addition, the system supports a DC output mode and AC + DC output mode. The system can be useful in a wider range of fields such as chemistry- and physics-related areas.

Voltage (AC) *11V to 150V(L range), 2V to 300V(H range)
Frequency1Hz to 999.9Hz *2
Voltage (DC/AC+DC) *1±1.4V to ±212V(L range), ±2.8V to ±424V(H range)

*1: Settings available from 0 V.
*2: The frequency is limited to the range from 1 Hz to 500.0 Hz when the 3P05-PCR-LE (500Hz LMT) is installed in the PCR-LE series.

Selectable response mode

Allows select of a response mode for the internal amplifier system depending on the load condition and application.

High-speed response (FAST)*for requesting a rate of power rise/fall
Normal response (MEDIUM)for testing various power supply environments
Highly stable response (SLOW)for power supply for EMC testing sites

* Excluding PCR6000LE, PCR9000LE, PCR6000LE2, PCR9000LE2, PCR12000LE2, PCR18000LE2, PCR27000LE2, three phase operation, parallel operation

Power line abnormality simulation

In AC mode, it is possible to simulate power line abnormalities by setting the output of the PCR-LE series system to the state of a power outage, voltage drop (dip), or voltage increase (pop). This allows the ability to test switching power supplies and electronic equipment.

Power outages / increased voltage(pops) / decreased voltage(dips)

External communication interface. Complied to LXI.

RS232C (equipped as a standard). Remote control available with GPIB, USB, and LAN as options. Using LAN makes it possible to configure highly cost-effective systems, as LXI standard is supported.

The front panel becomes a remote control.

The front panel becomes a remote control.

The front panel is detachable. It can be used as a remote control with the optional control panel extension cable. The PCR-LE can be installed under a work desk and the front panel can be operated with an extension cable (option: EC05-PCR).

Other functions

  • Various measuring functions
  • Sequence function
  • Sensing
  • Regulation adjustment
  • Output current control
  • Setting output impedance
  • Measuring harmonics current
  • Soft start (Rise time control)
  • Internally fixed Vcc
  • Control panel angle adjustment

Application examples

For testing of the Smart Grid related applications

Power conditioner (DUT)

Power conditioner (DUT)

Storage Battery for Residential use (DUT)

Storage Battery for Residential use (DUT)

EV charge and discharge station (DUT)

EV charge and discharge station (DUT)

Smart meter (DUT)

Smart meter (DUT)

Heat pump (DUT)

Heat pump (DUT)

For Standard Compliance testing
IEC61000-4-11Voltage dipping, instantaneous power failure and voltage variation
IEC61000-4-13Higher harmonics wave/interharmonic wave
IEC61000-4-14Voltage swing
IEC61000-4-27Unbalance in units
IEC61000-4-28Variation in power supply frequency for units with 16 A/phase
IEC61000-4-34Voltage drop (dip), instantaneous power failure and voltage variation for units with input current exceeding 16 A/phase*
IEC61000-4-17Ripple at the DC input power terminal
IEC61000-4-29Voltage drop (dip), instantaneous power failure and voltage variation in DC*
IEC61000-3-2,12Harmonic electric current limit level
IEC61000-3-3,11Voltage fluctuation,Flicka limit level
* Designed for preliminary test purposes. For details, please refer to page 15 and 16.

This system can simulate various conditions of phenomena occurring in AC power environments. It can be used for immunity tests of electrical and electronic devices which are connected to a low-voltage distribution system, or which have DC power input ports, under the standard conditions as specified on the right. The test conditons can be set outside the standard range, allowing the system to be used for preliminary tests prior to standard tests, immunity margin tests, and stress tests.

The KHA3000 harmonic/flicker analyzer combines a PCR- LE Series AC power supply, LIN Series line impedance network, and application software*, allowing tests which conform to IEC standards and JIS standards.*SD009-PCR-LE/WE [Quick Immunity Sequencer 2] is required.

For testing of the EV charging system

For testing of the EV charging system

Product line-up

PCR-LE Series

Output capacitySingle-phase 500 VASingle-phase 1 kVASingle-phase 2 kVASingle-phase 3 kVASingle-phase 4 kVASingle-phase 6 kVASingle-phase 9 kVA
Maximum output current5A/2.5A10A/5A20A/10A30A/15A40A/20A60A/30A90A/45A
AC mode
(L/H range)
1V~150V / 2V~300V
DC mode
(L/H range)
±1.4V~±212V / ±2.8V~±424V

※PCR500LE, PCR1000LE, PCR2000LE, PCR3000LE are discontinued and only available while supplies last.

Capable of single-phase, single-phase three-wire*,and three-phase output with a single unit.
Convenient multiple output supports a versatile range of industrial devices.

High performance multifunctional AC power supply capable of single-phase, single-phase 3-wire, and 3-phase output in a single unit.

PCR-LE2 Series

The PCR-LE2 Series is designed based on the PCR-LE Series which can switch between single-phase output, single-phase three-wire output*, and three-phase output by switching from the front panel operation. It contains the same basic features and performance of the PCR-LE Series, and uses the same power unit as the PCR-LE Series. Use of this series is much easier than installing individual single- phase, single-phase three-wire, and three-phase systems, and allows more effective use of space. The PCR-LE2 Series are available in 5 models: 6 kVA, and 9 kVA, and 12 kVA, and 18 kVA and 27 kVA.
* The Output power with single-phase 3-wire limits 2/3 of the rated output.

High performance AC Regulated Power Supply with the same basic performance as PCR-LE series

PCR-LE2 Series

Three phase 4-wire
Single phase 3-wire4kVA6kVA8kVA12kVA18kVA
output current
Single phase 3-wire20A/10A30A/15A40A/20A60A/30A90A/45A
(L/H range)
 1V to 150V / 2V to 300V
Three phase 4-wire20A/10A30A/15A20A/10A30A/15A40A/20A
DC mode
(L/H range)
 ±1.4V to ±212V / ±2.8V to ±424V
Single phase 3-wire14A/7A21A/10.5A28A/14A42A/21A63A/31.5A


For PCR-LE Series

Input power cord / Power-sync cable

Rack mount

For PCR500LE

For PCR1000LE

For PCR2000LE

Extension cable (For 2P05 / 3P05)

Power-sync cable

Extension connection cable (For parallel operation)

Extension power signal cable (For parallel operation)


Parallel operation driver (Master)

Parallel operation driver (Slave)

Single-phase 3-wire output driver

Three-phase output driver/Three-phase output driver (500 Hz limit type)

For PCR-LE / LE2 Series

IEC Dip·Simulator

Line Impedance Network

Extension cable for control panel

For PCR-LE2 Series

Base holding angle

For fixing PCR3000LE/4000LE/6000LE/9000LE/6000LE2/9000LE2 on the floor. Standard equipment for PCR12000LE2/18000LE2/27000LE2.

Application software


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