Privacy Policy

1. Formulation and Continual Improvement of “Compliance Regulations (Compliance Programs)”

Kikusui Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) shall formulate and steadily implement the “Personal Information Protection Compliance Regulations (Compliance Programs)” to ensure that officers and employees of the Company recognize the importance pf personal information protection, and appropriately utilize and protect personal information. Moreover, the Company shall maintain and continually improve such Personal Information Protection Compliance Regulations (Compliance Programs).

2. Collection, Utilization and Provision of Personal Information

The Company shall establish a personal information management system according to each business condition of the Company, taking into consideration the fact that the Company is providing a world-class level of data base marketing service as stated in the Company’s Corporate Mission, and shall appropriately handle personal information in the course of the collection, utilization and provision thereof, in accordance with the prescribed rules. The Company shall not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the utilization purposes specified (utilization for non-intended purposes). The Company shall take measures to avoid utilization for non-intended purposes and shall endeavor to always quickly respond to any complaint or consultation.

3. Implementation of Security Measures

The Company shall, to ensure the correctness and security of personal information, always reinforce and improve security measures, including information security measures that have been enforced by the Company in the past, and shall endeavor to prevent and rectify improper access to personal information or the loss, alteration, leakage, etc. of personal information.

4. Compliance with Laws and Codes

The Company shall, when handling personal information, comply with the laws and regulations applicable to the protection of such personal information and also the guidelines and codes established by the State. Moreover, the Company shall ensure that the Company’s Personal Information Protection Compliance Program conform to these laws and regulations and codes.

Kikusui Electronics Corp.

Purpose of Utilization

  1. Personal information entered from the websites managed and operated by the Company
    • For providing information about the Company’s services, etc. and other Company information
  2. Personal information of visitors to the booths in the exhibitions or events which the Company holds or in which it participates
    • For providing information about the Company’s services, etc. and other Company information
  3. Personal information of applicants for employment by the Company
    • For screening applicants for hire by the Company and notifying applicants of the hiring decision
  4. Personal information provided in association with the Company’s business activities
    • For making the necessary notifications, contacts and consultations for the Company’s business activities
  5. Personal information contracted out from the Company’s business customers
    • For the performance of the operations related to the marketing activities of each of the Company’s business customers
      *Email transmission/fax transmission/telemarketing/sending of DM, and associated agency businesses
  6. Personal information of employees
    • For the performance of the Company business operations

Third Party Provision of Personal Information

The Company shall not provide personal information to a third party without the consent of the principal concerned; provided, however, that the Company may provide personal information when requested under the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.

Contracting Out of Personal Information

The Company may contract out the handling of personal information within the scope necessary for the performance of the Company’s business operations. The Company shall, when contracting out the handling of personal information, select a business operator that satisfies the security standards established by the Company based on the Company’s selection criteria, and appropriately manage and supervise the contracted business operator.

Appropriate Management of Personal Information

The Company shall take security measures and continually maintain and improve the personal information protection system to prevent and rectify improper access, loss, destruction, alteration and leakage of personal information provided or that received from the Company’s customers.

Voluntary Nature of Provision of Personal Information

Providing your personal information to the Company is voluntary. However, if you do not provide your information as required or if necessary items are missing, the Company may not be able to respond to your request in some cases.

Procedure for Disclosure, etc. Relating to Personal Information Subject to Disclosure

A principal who has provided his/her personal information to the Company and wishes to make a request for disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of the content of, or suspension of the utilization of, such personal information is kindly requested to contact the Complaint/Consultation Center by any of the following methods:
Request by Email
The principal may make a request for disclosure, etc. by an email by stating his or her name, company name, department name, email address and telephone number. The Company will verify the identity of the principal making the request for disclosure, etc. by confirming that the information described in the Company database is identical to the principal’s information stated in the email.

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Modification of this Privacy Policy

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