Kikusui’s Strengths and Features

Kikusui’s engineering capabilities are the foundation of our industry leadership in Japan

Kikusui Electronics Corporation was established in Japan in 1951 as an independent manufacturer specializing and pioneering in the field of power supply and measurement.
For 71 years, we have been an industry leader in research and development in Japan.

From the dual perspective of power supply technology and measurement technology, we have successively created testing and evaluation solutions to support Japanese manufacturing, which is renowned for its high quality. In recent years, our products have been exported to 40 countries around the world, gaining an equal reputation for high quality, performance, and reliability.
We offer unrivaled value, as a result of which our products continue to be adopted by major companies in Japan and beyond.

Kikusui can deliver what your operation needs

A proven track record of utilization by global companies

It’s no wonder that so many world-leading companies utilize our products. They offer performance in accordance with the specifications shown in our catalogs, coupled with enhanced functionality and superior long-term reliability. Our products continue to be utilized because we constantly seek the highest level of quality in every aspect of our product development.

Sophisticated manufacturing in a Japanese location

Our domestic production base-located at Fuji Katsuyama in Yamanashi Prefecture-manufactures our core product lines.* Our state-of-the-art facilities achieve consistent quality utilizing a unique integrated production management system that could not be implemented in less advanced operations.
* Some general-purpose products are manufactured in China and Taiwan.

Design concepts that lower lifecycle costs

As a power supply and measuring instrument manufacturer, we have continued to work on product development with a sense of responsibility regarding the quality of everything our customers purchase from us. As a result, Kikusui products are now widely considered bulletproof throughout the industry. The quality is ensured while achieving a very low lifecycle cost.

Kikusui is your ideal partner for business success

As automation spreads all over the world, power supply and measuring instruments are of increasing significance in the practical processes of development. Products that ensure accurate testing and evaluation are indispensable for attaining high-speed results while maintaining cost competitiveness.

We provide power supply and measurement solutions with unmatched accuracy, based on solid quality features and offering outstanding performance and reliability. When you partner with Kikusui, these attributes help to guarantee that your power supply and measurement needs will be fully met.

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