PMX A series

Compact DC Power SupplyPMX-A Series

A standard feature of the networking capability provides extended applications of the ordinary testing.

The PMX-A series is a compact, high-performance DC power supply that provides constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC). It is designed to improve working efficiency for benchtop uses. For this purpose, the output terminals are located on the front panel and are ergonomically designed so that wiring harnesses for electrical loads can be connected by moving your fingers naturally. Moreover, a forced air cooling system is used to intake and exhaust of the internal air, so the unit can be rack mounted without space. Furthermore, the PMX-A is equipped with LAN, USB, and RS232C interfaces as standard interfaces required for system operation. In particular, the LAN interface enables you to control and monitor the power supply from Web browsers on PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other terminal devices. Moreover, the PMX-A is LXI(LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation) compliant instrument, so it can be connected easier with your measurement system using LAN interface. The PMX-A is also equipped with remote sensing (for 18V, 35V models only), analog external control/monitoring output, various protective functions, memory function, and other functions.


ModelOutputRippleLine RegulationLoad RegulationWeightPower Source*Power Consumption*
PMX18-2A0 to 180 to 20.51±1±5±2±55 / 11.02100150
PMX18-5A0 to 180 to 50.52±1±5±5±56 / 13.23100310
PMX35-1A0 to 350 to 10.51±3±5±3±55 / 11.02100150
PMX35-3A0 to 350 to 30.51±3±5±4±56 / 13.23100310
PMX70-1A0 to 700 to 111±5±2±5±56 / 13.23100230
PMX110-0.6A0 to 1100 to 0.621±7±2±7±56 / 13.23100210
PMX250-0.25A0 to 2500 to 0.2531±15±1±15±56 / 13.23100210
PMX350-0.2A0 to 3500 to 0.251±25±1±25±56 / 13.23100230
PMX500-0.1A0 to 5000 to 0.1101±30±1±30±36 / 13.23100170

* 117Vac, 200Vac, 217Vac and 234Vac are factory options.

Communication interfaces are standard features


Series regulator system with excellent noise performance

High stability and Low Ripple Noise
The PMX-A is based on the capacitor-input type of the series regulator design and which output can be generated with low noise and low ripple compared to the switching regulator design.

Series regulator system with excellent noise performance
Ripple waveform (PMX18-5A)
[Measurement Condition] Resistive Load, Oscilloscope in 20 MHz bandwidth

Improved usability

Ergonomically designed for the wiring load harness
The handle makes you easy to carry


Sequence Creation Software SD025-PMX (Wavy for PMX)

The software that supports to the auto testing of the power supply. And it allows you to create and edit sequence data easily using a mouse!

The SD025-PMX (Wavy for PMX) is an application software that supports sequence creation and the operation of the Kikusui power supplie and the electronic load. The “ Wavy” software allows you to create and edit sequences visually using a mouse without programming knowledge. It enables you to control the power supply in much the same way as remote controller for such monitoring the voltage and current, logging and so on.

Operating environment, conditions
  • The “Wavy” software can control only one unit of the power supply
  • CPU: Recommended: Core2 or better
  • CD-ROM: Reguired to install the “Wavy”
  • Mouse: Reguired
  • Monitor: 1024 x 768 dots or higher resolution
  • Memory: 2GB or more
  • Interfaces: LAN, USB, RS232C

SD025-PMX 画面例

Digital Interfaces

USB Interface

The USB interface has a feature of high versatility, and the ease of a setup. The automatic recognition by the plug and play releases a user from the complex setting operation under the digital control, and it can be suitable interface when control by 1:1. In accordance with the standard, the maximum number of the connected devices can be configured up to 127 units. Moreover, the USB interface of the PWX series complies to USB2.0, and it has realized transmission speed of a maximum of 12Mbps (es) (Full Speed).


LAN Interface

The LAN interface can control the number of devices with high speed, and it’s theoretical controllable maximum number is to be calculated by approximately 4.2 billion. (The maximum transmission speed varies by the number of connected devices) In accordance with its applied standard, it is possible to combine the device that is to control or to be controlled, it is also the feature that it can be used with various applications. Also, in computers installed with Apple Bonjour, it is possible to access with a host name instead of the IP address.

AUTO MDIX function: The PMX-A series can automatically identify the type of LAN cable whether straight or cross is connected and it connects using the appropriate method.


RS232C Interface

It can be used for communication with PCs and sequencers.


Easy access with the built-in web server

Use a browser from a PC, smartphone, or tablet to access the web server built into the PMX-A series for convenient control and monitoring.

Recommended browser
  • Requires for the Internet Explorer version 9.0 or later
  • Requires for the firefox 8.0 or later
  • Requires for the safari / mobile Safari 5.1 or later
  • Requires for the Chrome 15.0 or later
  • Requires for the Opera 11.0 or later

* Connecting with a smartphone, tablet, etc. requires a Wi-Fi environment (wireless LAN router etc.).


Analog Interface

The PMX-A series is equipped with external voltage/resistance control, which are interfaces necessary for analog external control and monitoring applications for test power supply devices. The input external signal and the output status signal can be conducted through the J1 connector on the rear panel.

Controlling the Output Voltage & Output Current.

Control using an external voltage(Vext)

It is possible to control the output voltage and output current of the PMX-A series by using an external voltage.


Control using an external resistance(Rext)

It is possible to control the output voltage and output current of the PMX-A series by using an external variable resistor.


Turning output on and off

Control using an external contact (S)

It is possible to turn the output ON/OFF of the PMX-A series by using an external contact.


J1 connector

J1 connector pin arrangement


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