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KIKUSUI AMERICA, INC. opened its office in San Jose, CA as a subsidiary of Kikusui Electronics Corporation on October 1, 2004. Since its founding in 1951, Kikusui Electronics Corporation has provided a wide variety of Electronic Measuring Instruments, DC and AC Power Supplies, Electronic Loads, and Safety Test Equipment.

The company has a customer-focused reputation making it a trusted source for engineers involved in R&D, quality assurance, incoming inspection and production test around the world.

We offers direct sales and support to all of its customers in the United States and Mexico. We, KIKUSUI AMERICA, INC. are very proud to accommodate our customers by providing high quality Kikusui products to enhance engineer’s creativity and improve production efficiency. We will strive to provide excellent service meeting our customers various needs in conjunction with Kikusui Electronics Corporation.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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