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Variable Regulated DC Power SupplyPAD-LA Series

Succession of achievements and trust

The PAD-LA Series are renewal version of our long seller models “PAD-L Series” as known for high performance and high reliability of variable DC regulated power supplies used with excellent regu-lators. The PAD-LA Series has polished features and performance also it has improved the “easy to use” operation by adopting an advanced design and we aim to establish the “Basic Power Supply” which can be used in all fields of application from the R&D , Quality Control to the Manufacturing site.


Computer Control

By using optional controller Model PIA4810, the PAD-LA Series can be controlled through by the computer.

*It is required for the modification of replacing ROM in case of using controller Model PIA3200.

System Expansion for PAD-LA Series / System Layout

Example for System Layout PAD-LA (1)

Example for System Layout PAD-LA (1)

Description of Control

  • Output Voltage Setting
  • Output Current Setting
  • Read back of Output Voltage
  • Read back of Output Current *1
  • Output ON/OFF
  • Power Switch OFF
  • Alarm Monitor *2
  • C.V. Mode Monitor *2
  • C.C. Mode Monitor *2

*1: For Model PAD16-100LA/PAD36-60LA/PAD36-100LA/PAD60-60LA, please ask our Sales for details.
*2: It is required for the modification of attaching DIN connector to the Power Supply unit.

Example for System Layout PAD-LA (2)

Example for System Layout PAD-LA (2)

Description of Control

  • Output Voltage Setting
  • Output Current Setting
  • Output ON/OFF

External Analog Control function

  • C.V. Control by external voltage (0V to rated value/0V to 10V)*1
  • C.C. Control by external voltage (0A to rated value/0V to 10V)*1
  • C.V. Control by external resistor *2
  • C.C. Control by external resistor *2
  • Output ON/OFF by external contact *3
  • Power Switch shut off by external contact *4
  • *1 Voltage and current knob on the front panel can vary the output.
  • *2 It can be changed by Setting Switch for controlling the “0to rated value/10KΩ to 0Ω” from the normal setting of “0 to rated value/0Ω to 10kΩ”.
  • *3 The Setting Switch can change. The Output OFF for using contact open as it is normally used for Output OFF by contact short.
  • *4 It can be changed for contact open shut off by modification as it is normally shut off by contact short.

Various functions

  • Series Operation (One control: Master/Slave configuration) *5
  • Series Operation (One control: Master/Slave configuration) Parallel Operation Parallel Operation (One control: Master/Slave configuration) *5
  • Remote Sensing function
  • OVP (Over Voltage Protection circuit)
  • OCP (Over Current Protection circuit)
  • OCP (Over Current Protection circuit)
  • Output Voltage monitor (0V to 10V)
  • Output Current monitor (0V to 1V)
  • *5 Master/Slave configuration can be used for the same rated output model (Series Operation: Up to 2 units for 250V model, up to 3 units for other models, Parallel Operation: up to 3 units)

Use large LED monitor with high visibility for 4 digits display

Adopting with the Digital display from former Analog type, which display the output Volt age, and Cur rent. Furthermore, by locating each indic ation of the CV/CC and ON/OFF operation around the display, it can easily conf irm the required information immediately.

Output and Set Switch

In separate to the Power Switch of the unit, it has equipped the “Output Switch” and also the “SET Switch” which enable to confirm the setting value of voltage and current even when the output is off.

Putting together of the mode setting switches

Improving the convenience of operation, we have put together all of the switches located on the upper right area of the unit for the function of Output, Adjusting display, variable resistor for setting of OVP and OCP, Setting operation mode for Analog Remote control, one control parallel operation (or series operation) to set for Master or Slave unit.

Control Terminals

Adopting the screw less wire clamp for the control terminal block on the rear panel that was used to be the harmonica terminal.

Control Terminals

OCP (Over Current Protection circuit)

In addition to OVP (Over Voltage Protection circuit) function, it is equipped with OCP (Over Current Protection circuit) as standard.

Output Monitoring

It is equipped with the Monitor Output Terminal for Output Voltage and Output Current as standard. The Monitor Output for Output Voltage is 0V to approx. 10V at 0V to the rated output voltage, and for the Output Current is 0V to approx. 1V at 0V to the rated output current.


ModelOutputRippleLine RegulationLoad RegulationDimensionsWeightInput
PAD16-100LA0 to 160 to 1000.5100132565/143.32003.3
PAD36-60LA0 to 360 to 600.510132566/145.52003.8
PAD36-100LA0 to 360 to 1000.550132596/211.62007.1
PAD60-35LA0 to 600 to 350.58132364/141.12003.4
PAD60-60LA0 to 600 to 600.520132596/211.62006.9
PAD72-30LA0 to 720 to 300.56132364/141.12003.8
PAD110-20LA0 to 1100 to 2014112363/138.92003.8
PAD110-32LA0 to 1100 to 32110132594/207.22006.7
PAD250-8LA0 to 2500 to 854213363/138.92003.4
PAD250-15LA0 to 2500 to 1555213392/202.82006.7

Constant voltage temperature coefficient50ppm/°C (standard value)
Transient response timeTime until the output voltage recovers to within 0.05% +10mV of the set value when the output current changes 5% to 100%.
50μs (standard value)
Ripple noise5Hz to 1MHz, ±3dB bandwidth, average value indication, measured by grounding plus or minus output with an rms value display AC voltage waveform
MetersVoltmeterMaximum display 4 digits
Display error±(0.5% of reading+5 digit) *1
AmmeterMaximum display 4 digits
Display error±(1% of reading+5 digit) *1
GroundPlus or minus terminal can be grounded
Isolation Voltage±250V DC excluding PA D110-20LA / PAD250-8LA / PAD110-32LA / PAD250-15LA of which Isolation Voltage is ±500V
Insulation resistanceChassis-input: 500V DC 30MΩ min.
Output-chassis: 500V DC 20MΩ min.
Withstanding voltageNo abnormalities when 1500VAC applied for 1 minute.
Operating temperature range0 to 40 ̊C
Operating humidity range10 to 90 %
Cooling systemForced air cooling using a fan
Protection devices
  • Constant voltage, constant current automatic crossover
  • Adjustable Overvoltage Protection circuit (OVP)
    (preset voltage range 10% to 110%)
  • Adjustable Overcurrent Protection circuit (OCP)
    (preset current range 10% to 110%)
  • Voltage detection circuit (smoothing capacitor section)
  • Overheating protector (OHP)
    Semiconductor cooling heat sink section
  • Temperature fuse (subtransformer)
  • Input/output fuse
  • Input surge absorber
DimensionsType Ⅲ430(16.93 ̋)W X 218(8.58 ̋)H X 549(21.61 ̋)Dmm(inch)
Type Ⅳ430(16.93 ̋)W X 484.6(19.08 ̋)H X 465(18.31 ̋)Dmm(inch)
AccessoriesOperation manual1 copy , Guard caps : 2 pcs , Weight sticker : 1 sheet
Type ⅢPower cord : 3-core cabtire cable for 200VAC 1 pc. ( 3.5mm2 , approx. 3m )
Type ⅣPower cord : Single wire cable 3 pcs. ( 8mm2 , approx. 3m ) , Cable clamper : 1 set
  • *1 at 23 ̊C ±5 ̊C.

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