Compact Wide-Range DC Power Supply (CV/CC)



40V Type

ModelVoltage outputCurrent outputPower output
PWR401L0 V to 40 V0 A to 40 A400 W
PWR801L0 A to 80 A800 W
PWR1201L0 A to 120 A1200 W
PWR2001L0 A to 200 A2000 W

80V Type

ModelVoltage outputCurrent outputPower output
PWR401ML0 V to 80 V0 A to 20 A400 W
PWR801ML0 A to 40 A800 W
PWR1201ML0 A to 60 A1200 W
PWR2001ML0 A to 100 A2000 W

240V Type

ModelVoltage outputCurrent outputPower output
PWR401MH0 V to 240 V0 A to 5 A400 W
PWR801MH0 A to 10 A800 W
PWR1201MH0 A to 15 A1200 W
PWR2001MH0 A to 25.0 A2000 W

650V Type

ModelVoltage outputCurrent outputPower output
PWR401H0 V to 650 V0 A to 1.85 A400 W
PWR801H0 A to 3.70 A800 W
PWR1201H0 A to 5.55 A1200 W
PWR2001H0 A to 9.25 A2000 W

Sequence function

The sequence function allows you to automatically execute programs that you have set in advance, one operation at a time. However, you cannot create sequences using only the panel. Sequence programs are created using commands from a PC.Once a sequence is executed via remote control, the program is saved onto the PWR-01’s internal memory and then can be executed directly from the front panel without a PC.

Synchronized operation

Synchronized operation allows for settings and sequence programs to be synchronized via trigger signals. Different PWR-01 models (e.g., 400 W model and 800 W model) can be easily mixed and matched with no difficulties. Synchronized operation is also possible in parallel operation. In order to successfully synchronize your power supplies, please configure various settings using remote control commands. After completing configuration, synchronized operation can be performed without a PC.

Output synchronization with same trigger

Standard communication interface

The series has been equipped with LAN (LXI), USB, and RS232C as standard interfaces, essential for system integration. When using RS232C, please order the D-sub 9P-RJ45 transformation cable (RD-8P/9P) option, sold seperately. The PWR-01 has also been equipped with J1/J2 connectors for analog control.

J1J1 connector pin arrangement

J1J2 connector pin arrangement

J1 and J2 connectors

Safe and easy to use front-facing output terminals

All models are equipped with front-facing output terminals (up to 10 A) optimized for bench-top use. Please connect to the output terminals with a safety plug.※This product’s specifications were recorded using the back-side output terminals.
front-facing output terminals

Standard communication interface

External analog control function

The PWR-01 series is equipped with external voltage/resistance control, which is necessary for external analog control and monitoring applications for power supply testing. The input external signal and the output status signal can be accessed through the J1/J2 connectors on the rear panel. When using the J1/J2, please purchase the J1/J2 connector plug kit (OP01-PWR-01) option, sold separately.

Controlling the output voltage & output current.

Control using an external voltage.

It is possible to control the output voltage/output current of the PWR-01 series by using an external voltage.
Control using an external voltage.

Control using an external resistance.

It is possible to control the output voltage/output current of the PWR-01 series by using an external variable resistor.
Control using an external resistance.

Turning output on and off using an external contact.

It is possible to turn the output ON/OFF of the PWR-01 series by using an external contact.
Turning output on and off using an external contact.

Output shutdown control using an external contact.

It is possible to turn the output OFF of the PWR-01 series by using an external contact.
Output shutdown control using an external contact.

Clearing alarms using an external contact.

It is possible to clear the alarm of the PWR-01 series by using an external contact.
Clearing alarms using an external contact.

Monitoring operation modes.

External monitoring of the output voltage and output current.



Bleeder ON/OFF function

The PWR-01’s capacitor is connected to its output terminals, equipped with a bleeder circuit that discharges electricity when the OUTPUT is set to OFF. For example, when a battery is connected to the output terminal, or when the bleeder circuit is set to ON, the bleeder circuit will discharge electricity from the battery even when the OUTPUT is OFF. In cases like these, excessive electric discharge can be prevented by setting the bleeder circuit to OFF. This makes it possible to prevent current backflow from a battery without using a diode.

Variable internal resistance function

The variable internal resistance function enables you to easily simulate the internal resistance of rechargeable batteries, solar batteries, fuel cells, and the like.By setting the internal resistance value in constant v voltage (CV) mode, you can decrease the output voltage according to the output current. You can use a CONFIG setting to set the internal resistance.

Variable internal resistance function
Setting range

Output ON/OFF delay function

You can set the delay (DELAY TIME) from when the OUTPUT key is turned on or off to when the output actually turns on or off. This is useful for tests where precise timing/order of rise and drop voltage is essential according to the load characteristics.

Output ON/OFF delay function

Customizable startup when turning on output

You can choose the priority operation mode (CC priority/CV priority) when the output is turned ON.This can prevent overshoot when turning on the output.

Soft start / stop function

You can set the rise time and fall time of output current. This is useful when the load cannot follow the sudden rise or fall in the output current or when you want to avoid the overcurrent protection from being activated.

Soft start / stop function

Master-slave parallel operation

One-control parallel operation is performed by designating one “master” device and connecting it to one or more of the same models being the “slave” devices. The entire system can then be controlled by operating the master machine. Output current can be greatly amplified (maximum output current: single rated output current x number of parallel units) with one-control parallel operation. The maximum number of parallel units including the master device is 3 units for the 400 W and 800 W models and 2 units for the 1200 W and 2000 W models. Differences in output voltage and output current between the master and slave devices are within approximately 5% of their respective rated output.

Series operation

Up to two units can be connected in series (excluding the H type). The total combined output voltage of the two units is applied to the load. The voltage setting accuracy is the same as the accuracy of an individual unit. *You cannot perform master-slave configuration in series operation.

Preset memory function

The preset memory function of the PWR-01 allows you to save up to three combinations of each of the voltage, current, OVP, OCP and UVL values. The saved preset values can be recalled from the preset memory found on the front panel.

CONFIG setting shortcut function

You can register CONFIG setting parameters to the front panel’s SC keys. You can perform tests efficiently by registering CONFIG parameters that you use frequently without consulting the CONFIG menu. Up to three parameters can be registered.


When multi-channel (VMCB) is used, one personal computer can be connected to multiple PWR-01 series machines (up to 31 units) to construct a virtual multi-channel power source system. This is effective for matching the control timing of multiple PWR-01 series units and for saving communication ports.*virtual multi-channel bus (VMCB)


Durable Performance

Operating temperature guaranteed up to 50 °C.*Storage temperature is -25 °C to +60 °C (-13 °F to 140 °F).

Durable Performance

Easy access with a built-in web server

Use a browser from a PC, smartphone, or tablet to access the web server built into the PWR-01 series for convenient control and monitoring.

Easy access with a built-in web server

3 to 4 times ratio power operation

3 to 4 times ratio power operating range covers a wide variety of voltage and current setting combinations.For example, the 1200 W rated power output PWR1201ML is capable of seamless operation from 80 V/15 A to 20 V/60 A.

3 to 4 times ratio power operation


 Voltage outputRipple noiseLine regulationLoad regulationCurrent (TYP)
ModelCVCCPower outputCVCCCVCCCVCC100 Vac / 200 Vac
VAWmVrmsmArmsmVmAmVmAAC(100 / 200V)A
PWR401L0 to 400 to 40400580±6±6±6±135.6 / 2.8
PWR401ML0 to 800 to 20540±10±4±10±9
PWR401MH0 to 2400 to 52012±26±2.5±26±6.0
PWR401H0 to 6500 to 1.85506±67±2.2±67±5.4
PWR801L0 to 400 to 808005160±6±10±6±2111.2 / 5.6
PWR801ML0 to 800 to 40580±10±6±10±13
PWR801MH0 to 2400 to 102024±26±3±26±7.0
PWR801H0 to 6500 to 3.705012±67±2.4±67±5.7
PWR1201L0 to 400 to 12012005240±6±14±6±2916.8 / 8.4
PWR1201ML0 to 800 to 605120±10±8±10±17
PWR1201MH0 to 2400 to 152036±26±3.5±26±8.0
PWR1201H0 to 6500 to 5.555018±67±2.6±67±6.1
PWR2001L0 to 400 to 20020005400±6±22±6±4528.0 / 14.0
PWR2001ML0 to 800 to 1005200±10±12±10±25
PWR2001MH0 to 2400 to 252060±26±4.5±26±10
PWR2001H0 to 6500 to 9.255030±67±2.9±67±6.9





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