Voltage Variation SimulatorKES7400A Series

Arbitrary waveform testing

The KES7400A Series comes in a single cabinet that c onsists of a Signal G enerator module (including an arbitrary pulse generator), which combines our power supply technology and EMC technology, and a high-speed bipolar power supply module. Many automotive electronic devices have long wire harnesses and inductive load characteristics, as do motors, or capacitive load characteristics with a large-capacity capacitor connected between the input and ground. In the case of these devices, general DC power supplies exceed the linear operation range, potentially making it impossible to obtain the desired waveform output. Considering this problem, it is common to use a bipolar power supply for automotive EMC testing.


System components

By making use of the KES7100 application software, KES7400A Series supply voltage variation testers can perform tests such as Test Pulse 4 and Test Pulse 2b, as required by ISO7637-2 standards, as well as supply voltage variation tests required individually by automobile manufacturers. A supply voltage variation waveform library has been prepared for the KES7100. Also, it is possible to edit the parameters that form the waveforms, such as voltage and variation time of waveform data. When the arbitrary waveform edit function is used, complicated supply voltage variation waveforms can easily be created as well. Moreover, when analog signals are input, the instrument can also be used as an amplifier. The model and number of units can be selected and the system configured in accordance with the specifications of the customer’s test specimen.

System components

High-speed disconnection switch module

The KES7400A Series may contain a switch module that is available as a factory option. This switch module simulates an instantaneous power cut due to poor contact or other factor that may arise in an automotive electronic device connected to the wire harness. There are three disconnec- tion modes that can be selected (anode mode, cathode mode, and two-electrode mode). Power can be disconnected by turning on or off either the anode (S1) or cathode (S2) switch or both.

High-speed disconnection switch module

Circuit disconnection switch2 electrodes (anode and cathode)
Switch voltage and current60 VDC max./The current value depends on the current capacity of the model in use.
Switch ON time1 μs or less at 1kΩ load
Switch OFF time1 μs or less at 1kΩ load
Disconnection modesanode mode (S1) , cathode mode (S2) , two-electrode mode(S1 and S2 simultaneous)

power flicker

KES7400A series data

Gain characteristics

Gain characteristics

When there is no load ±60V swing and ±10V swing, almost flat gain characteristics are shown up to 100 kHz.The frequency at -3 dB also reaches 300 kHz. The linearity of gain characteristics within the specifications range is related to test reproducibility and compliance with the standards of automobile manufacturers.

Impedance characteristics

Impedance characteristics

According to ISO7637-2 standards, the internal impedance of the power supply used in testing is specified as “10mΩ or less” at DC – 400Hz. The same standard also specifies “0Ω to 0.05Ω” with Pulse 2b and “0Ω to 0.02Ω” with Pulse 4.

Impedance characteristics

Rise/fall time: 1 μs or less

Rise/fall time

The response speed with a rise/fall time of “1 μs or less” will conform to tests such as momentary voltage drop tests and operation tests of relays required by each automobile manufacturer.

Power supply ripple noise: 100 mVp-p or less

Power supply ripple noise

A power supply ripple noise of “100 mVp-p or less” will be compatible with minimal voltage step variability required by automobile manufacturers.

Conditions of selecting the Voltage variation tester

Conditions of selecting the Voltage variation tester

Product line-up

Model with High-speed disconnection switch module unit

Application software for systems


EMC Test System for Automotive Electronics – KES Series
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