SD024-PAV (Wavy for PAV)

Wavy for PAV (SD024-PAV)-free

60,000 (税込:66,000

  • Ver.6.0
  • Easy operation for waveform images by using a mouse
  • Sequence data can be edited easily
  • Sequence data can be stored easily
  • Four types of interfaces are available (USB,LAN,RS232C,GPIBs from NI, INTERFACE, and CONTEC)
  • Text files can be read freely

What is myKIKUSUI?

SKU: Wavy for PAV (SD024-PAV)-free
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Supported model name

 Supported model nameRequired interface environmentSeriesHardware sequence *1
(Count of steps)
Software Sequence*2
(Count of steps)
Operation mode
DC power supplyPAV Seriesunnecessary (RS232C, USB Standard equipment / LAN Option)SD024-PAV (Wavy for PAV)✓ (12)✓ (1024)CV, CC
PBZ Seriesunnecessary (RS232C, GPIB, USB
Standard equipment / LAN Option)
Wavy for PBZ✓ (1024)CC, CV / DC, AC+DC
PWR-01 Seriesunnecessary (RS232C, USB, LAN, Standard equipment)*4SD027-PWR-01 (Wavy for PWR-01)✓ (64)✓ (1024)CV, CC
PAS, PWR SeriesSeparately required (PIA4830 / 4850)Wavy for PAS & PWR✓ (1024)CV, CC
PAT-T Seriesunnecessary (RS232C Standard equipment) *3Wavy for PAT-T✓ (1024)CV, CC
PAG Seriesunnecessary (RS232C Standard equipment)*4Wavy for PAG✓ (1024)CV, CC
PWX Seriesunnecessary (RS232C, USB, LAN, Standard equipment)*4SD013-PWX (Wavy for PWX)✓ (1024)CV, CC
PMX-A Seriesunnecessary (RS232C, USB, LAN, Standard equipment)*4SD025-PMX (Wavy for PMX)✓ (1024)CV, CC
AC power supplyPCR-WE/WE2 Seriesunnecessary (RS232C, USB, LAN, Standard equipment)*4SD032-PCR-WE (Wavy for PCR-WE)✓ (600)CV (AC, DC, AC+DC)
SD019-PCR-LE/WE (Wavy Smart Grid Edition)✓ (600)CV (AC, DC, AC+DC)
SD020-PCR-LE/WE (Wavy Smart Grid Edition)✓ (600)CV (AC, DC, AC+DC)
PCR-LE Seriesunnecessary (RS232C Standard equipment)*5SD011-PCR-LE (Wavy for PCR-LE)✓ (600)CV (AC, DC, AC+DC)
SD019-PCR-LE/WE (Wavy Smart Grid Edition)✓ (600)CV (AC, DC, AC+DC)
SD020-PCR-LE/WE (Wavy Smart Grid Edition)✓ (600)CV (AC, DC, AC+DC)
Electronic LoadPLZ-5W Seriesunnecessary (RS232C, USB, LAN,Standard equipment)*4SD023-PLZ-5W (Wavy for PLZ-5W)✓ (10000)CV, CC, CR, CP
PLZ-5WH2 Seriesunnecessary (RS232C, USB, LAN,Standard equipment)*4SD033-PLZ-5WH2 (Wavy for PLZ-5WH2)✓ (10000)CV, CC, CR, CP
PLZ-4W, PLZ-4WL, PLZ-4WH Seriesunnecessary (RS232C, GPIB, USB Standard equipment)Wavy for PLZ-4W✓ (normal mode 256, fast mode 1024)CV, CC, CR, CP
PLZ-U Seriesunnecessary (GPIB, RS232C Standard equipment)Wavy for PLZ-U✓ (256)✓ (1024)CC, CV, CR, CC+CV, CR+CV
PCZ1000Aunnecessary (RS232C Standard equipment)Wavy for PCZ1000A✓ (10080)CC, CR, CP
PCZ-A SRunnecessary (RS232C, USB Standard equipment)Wavy 3CH for PCZ-A SR WITH USB SET✓ (10080) x 3CHCC, CR, CP
  • *1 The "hardware sequence" controls the device using the sequence function of the device itself.
  • *2 The "Software sequencing" means that the equipment is operated by Wavy (software) to perform sequence control.
  • *3 USB, GPIB and LAN for PAT-T Series are required separately.
  • *4 GPIB is required separately for PWR-01 Series, PAG Series, PWX Series, PMX-A Series, PCR-WE/WE2 Series, PLZ-5W Series, PLZ-5WH2 Series, and PCZ1000A.
  • *5 USB, GPIB and LAN of PCR-LE Series are required separately.


PC environment

Supported OSWindows version (Japanese version)
Wavy Ver.10 (x86/x64)8 (x86/x64)7 (x86/x64)Vista *1
  • *1 32bi version only

For SD019-PCR-LE/WE and SD020-PCR-LE/WE

Supported OSWindows version (Japanese version)
Wavy Ver.10(x86/x64)8(x86/x64)7(x86/x64)Vista
CPUPentium 4HT or above (recommended: Core2 or above)
CD-ROMRequired when setting up Wavy
monitor1024 × 768 or more
memoryWindows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (2GB or more) Vista (1.5GB or more)
Hard Disk CapacitySufficient free space to store files.

Interface environment

Supported interfaces: USB, RS232C, GPIB, LAN

*Depends on the interface specification of the power supply and load device *For GPIB, the GPIB driver provided by the following companies must be installed and operational.

  • NI-488.2 driver from National Instruments
  • Contec GPIB communication driver API-GPIB (98/PC) W95, NT Ver3.50 or higher
  • Interface’s Japanese Windows version GPC-4301 Ver. 1.10-06 or higher
  • KEYSIGHT 82357B USB/GPIB (Supported by Wavy Ver. 5.0 or higher)

The following interfaces can also be used:

  • USB-CVRS9 (USB-RS232C) from Sanwa Supply Co.
  • SB-RSAQ3R (USB-RS232C) by I-O DATA
  • RATOC System REX-USB60F (USB-RS232C)
  • RATOC System REX-USB60 (USB-RS232C)
  • RATOC System REX-USB220 (USB2.0 to GPIB Converter)
  • RATOC System REX-5052 (GPIB PC CARD)

*Please note that we cannot guarantee the combination (operation) of the PC and each interface.

Please note:

  • The cable for PC connection is not included. (For RS232C please prepare a crossover cable.)
  • Using an RS232C control with an RS232C USB converter may not work properly.
  • The Wavy does not support the hardware sequence chain function or the pause function.

Download Tryouts

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This is a trial version of “Wavy”, a software to support sequence creation and execution of power supply and load devices manufactured by Kikusui Electronics. The trial version can be used for 3 weeks from the time of installation (there are no functional limitations other than the period of use).

*The trial version is available for 3 weeks from the time of installation. *If you are unable to run the application, please try to run it again with administrator rights.

The software on this site is provided free of charge and subject to the terms and conditions of this license agreement. By downloading the software, you agree to be bound by the terms of this license agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this license agreement, you may not download the software listed below. Please be sure to read the “Precautions for Downloading” before downloading the software.

Precautions for Downloading *Please read carefully.

  1. Software License Agreement
    1. Kikusui Electronics Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) grants you the following rights with respect to the software and related materials (hereinafter referred to as “the Software”) that are made available for download upon acceptance of this License Agreement. (a) You may use the Software for the purpose of using our products corresponding to the Software. (b) You may copy the Software and use it on one or more computers.
    2. Any files created as a result of using the Software in accordance with the stated purpose become your copyrighted work.
    3. Copyright
      The copyright of this software and its copies are held by the Company or by parties authorized by the Company, and is protected by the Copyright Act of Japan and international treaties. Any copy of the software made by the customer under this license agreement must bear the same copyright notice as the one attached to the downloaded software.
    4. Prohibitions
      (a) If the Software is provided as source code, you may not distribute modified versions of the Software to any third party. (b) If the Software is provided in binary form, you may not reverse engineer the Software.
    5. The Company does not warrant that the Software will be suitable or useful for your particular purpose, that the Software is free from defects, or any other warranty of any kind with respect to the Software.
    6. In no event shall the Company be liable for any damages (including, but not limited to, damages to business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or other monetary damages) arising out of the use or inability to use this software.
    7. Termination of the Agreement
      If the customer violates this license agreement, the Company may terminate this license agreement. If such a case arises, the customer shall cease use of this software.
  2. Support
    1. If you have any questions about the software, please contact our service ( Please be sure to read the documentation file after extracting the files.
  3. Scope of Warranty
    1. Downloading and installing the software is the sole responsibility of the user.
    2. The software is subject to improvement and change without notice.
  4. Copyright holder
    1. The copyright of each software belongs to Kikusui Electronics Industry Co.


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