Hipot Tester (AC/DC)



470,000 (税込:517,000

  • Complies with various safety standards
  • AC/DC output (0 kV to 10 kV)
  • Large color display
  • Digital voltmeter and ammeter
  • Digital timer
  • Window comparator type employed for PASS/FAIL judgement
  • Equipped with remote control function
  • Various signal outputs
  • Automatic discharge function (during DC operation)
  • Provided with zero turn-on switch
  • Compact size

High voltage warning

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Exclusive model of TOS Series having AC, DC10 kV output

TOS5101 is designed exclusively for withstand voltage testing of electronic equipment and components conforming to various safety standards. The use of a high luminance, large fluorescent display tube for the display enables data including measured values, status and judgment results to be extremely legible. The PASS/FAIL function employs a window comparator method that enables TOS5101 to make fail judgment of current leakage over the upper reference value and below the lower reference value which can be set on the front panel.

Thus, highly reliable testing can be performed including that for test lead disconnection and defective contact. In addition, in order to prevent erroneous operation and accidents, the TOS5101 is also equipped with a Key Lock function and Interlock function, a high- voltage output terminal having a narrowed insertion port, a large DANGER lamp, and an automatic discharge function (during DC operation) that removes charge from the test piece. These features give the TOS5101 a high degree of safety and reliability.

*In general, when the capacitance of DUT has a voltage dependence (such as a “High-dielectric constant ceramic capacitor”), please take a caution that the waveform distortion may occurs.


TOS5101 dimensions

Pin Configuration for the SIGNAL I/O Connector

[10kV AC/DC] Hipot Tester


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TOS5000(TOS5050 / TOS5051 / TOS5101)
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