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  • Max. output-voltage of DC hipot testing : 10kV/5mA
  • Measurement range of insulation resistance testing : -25V to -1500V/0.01MΩ to 9.99GΩ
  • Conforms to international standards including IEC61215 Ed2.0,
    IEC61646 Ed2.0, and IEC61730-2.
  • High-precision current measurement, 1µA of the setting resolution for judgemen
  • Low output ripple of (100 Vp-p at 10 kV) in consideration of capacitive load.
  • Capable of setting voltage rise rate by Rise Time
    Control Function, equipped with Discharge
  • Capable of converting judgements of insulation
    resistance test into values of resistance and current
  • Capable of applying high voltage and monitoring
    current for PID symptom (–1500 VDC / 100 μA)

High voltage caution

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The TOS9213AS, DC Withstanding Voltage/Insulation Resistance Tester, is the test instrument that can handle the insuration test with high voltage and high resolution required for the evaluation of the PV module, Cable, Connector, and Junction Box. The TOS9213AS is equipped with functions of the DC withstanding voltage testing and the insulation resistance testing accompanied with the features and performance of Kikusui’s high-end model TOS9200 series, and it extends additional features and specifications exclusively applied to the PV module testing. Furthermore, the TOS9213AS improves the current measurement accuracy of the DC withstanding voltage testing from the original specification of the TOS9000 series.

Insulation resistance test and wet leakage test

With each standard, the voltage is raised to a speed of 500V / s or less to 500V or the module maximum system voltage (whichever is higher) and maintained at that voltage. As the maximum system voltage in solar power generation projects continues to trend higher, the TOS9213AS can raise the DC voltage that is applied at the insulation resistance test up to 1500V.

Reproduction of PID

When performing tests for PID (Potential Induced Degradation), which is a problem with current PV modules, a negative polarity DC power source is required. By turning OFF the timer setting in the TOS9213AS insulation resistance test mode, it is possible to perform these tests with the TOS9213AS in the same way.
(Maximum current capacity: 1mA up to 1020V, 0.1mA at or above 1020V)


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