• ISO7637-2 Pulse2a、ISO7637-3 Slow Pulses
  • Compact modular cabinet
  • Output terminals provided at a height of 50mm above the floor level as specified in the ISO 7637-2 standard
  • Dedicated software for condition setting and tester control

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The KES7721 generate test pulses 2a required by the ISO and SAE standards. Test pulse 2a is used to simulate the transient phenomenon where induction occurs in the wire harness when the current flowing in the device connected in parallel to the tested device is suddenly cut off.


Pulse module 2aPlug-in type
Peak voltage (Us)±20 V to ± 300 V, in steps of 0.1 V
Output impedance (Ri)2Ω, 4Ω, 10Ω
Rise time (tr)1 µs (+0 µs, −0.5 µs)
Pulse width (td)50 µs ±10 µs at No Load, 40 µs ± 8.0 µs at 4 Ω Load, 12 µs ± 2.4 µs at 2 Ω Load
Repetition interval (t1)0.2 s to 99 s, in steps of 0.1 s
DC cut time (t2)1 ms to 100 ms, in steps of 0.1 ms
Surge delay time (t3)Less than 100 µs
Driving powerSupplied from the main frame
Power consumption-
Dimensions50(1.96”)W × 260(10.23”)H × 330(12.99”)D mm
WeightApprox. 2.5 kg(5.51lbs)

■ Output impedance: Since 2W, 4W, and 10W can be selected, it supports ISO7637-2.2004SO standards and independent standards of automobile manufacturers.
■ Since it also outputs negative polarity waveforms whose polarity has been reversed, it supports ISO7637-3.2007 standards and independent standards of automobile manufacturers.



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