• Main frame/built-in 100A CDN
  • Full compliance with ISO 7637-2.2004, ISO 7637-2.2011, ISO 7637-3.2007, ISO 16750-2.2010
  • Load dump suppressor for pulse 5b
  • Compact modular cabinet
  • Output terminals provided at a height of 50mm above the floor level as specified in the ISO 7637-2 standard
  • Two types of CDNs available (60 V/50 A and 60 V/100 A)
  • Dedicated software for condition setting and tester control
  • JASO D001-94 pulse unit offered as an optional module

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SKU: KES7703
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Main Frame 100A

Transient Immunity Tester KES7700 Series are transient surge tester that utilizes a compact unit system. A surge generator circuit is installed for each pulse unit as the tester meets the requirement of ISO7637-2, ISO7637-3, ISO16750-2, JASO D001, SAE J1113, and other standards. The KES7700 Series meets a broad range of independent automobile manufacturer standards as well. The ISO7637 standard specifies Pulse 1, Pulse 2a, and Pulse 3a/3b, while the ISO16750-2 standard specifies Pulse 5a/5b. Each pulse simulates the following: electromagnetic phenomena produced by electronic equipment joined by wire harnesses during an automobile’s normal operation, electromagnetic coupling during switch opening and closing, and load dump surges produced by the alternator when the battery is disconnected. Each pulse also tests the tolerance of on-board electronic equipment. In this testing, malfunctions and breakdowns involving on-board electronic equipment are evaluated.

Transient Immunity Tester

CDN capacity60 VDCmax 50 Amax60 VDCmax 100 Amax
Input voltage100 to 240 VAC (factory-set default*) 50/60 Hz 500 VA or less
Dimensions440(17.32”)W × 405(15.94”) H× 605(23.81”) Dmm440(17.32”)W × 405(15.94”) H× 620(24.40”) Dmm
WeightApprox. 45 kg(99.20lbs)Approx.48 kg(105.82lbs)
PC interfaceRS-232C
Pulse modulePlug-in type: 5 modules (250 mm wide max.) External-connect type: 2 modules
OthersAnalog control terminal for the DC power supply for EUT, Monitor terminal (100:1), External stop terminal, Warning lamp terminal (24VDC, 500mA max), Emergency stop switch

*Input voltage, 100, 110, 115, 120, 200, 220, 230, and 240 VAC available as factory option.


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