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PFX2000 BP

Battery Tester Basic PackagePFX2000 Series Basic Package

All-in-One Advanced Battery Testing Know-How! Now you can easily perform full-scale tests!

With the PFX2000 Series Basic Package and a Windows PC, you can begin battery testing including PASS/NG tests, lifetime diagno-sis (deterioration tests) and comparison tests. The PFX2000 Series is a high-performance battery testing system that is used by battery manufacturers. This package is all that is needed to perform high-accuracy, high-stability testing that meets the strict needs of battery manufacturers.PFX2011 is suitable for characteristic evaluation for single cell batteries and mobile phones. PFX2021 is ideal for characteristic evaluation for laptop PC, digital cameras, etc.


Application Software

Application software, BPChecker2000 provides centralized management including setting of test conditions, test execution and analysis of results. It also allows external control of a thermostatic chamber (product of Espec Corp.) via GPIB or RS232C communications, and it is capable of synchronized test with the chamber temperature.

Recommended operating environment : CPU: Pentium IV 1 GHz or higher / Memory: Minimum 512 MB / Windows 2000 (SP4 + Update Rollup1), XP (SP2 or later, x86), Vista (x86, x64) / USB interface (For thermostatic chamber control, GPIB or RS232C is also required.)

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The entire operation can be managed by the application software (standard accessory)

The “BPChecker 2000 Basic Edition”, a standard accessory, can manage the entire operation from the setting of the test conditions, the execution of the test, and analyzing the test result files. This software can controll the thermostatic chambers (manufactured by ESPEC) and also applies to the synchronized test with the thermostatic chambers.

The recommended operating environment : CPU: Pentium IV 1GHz or higher / Memory 512 MB or more / Windows 2000 Professional (SP4 + Update Roll up1), Windows XP (SP2 or later with Intel x86) or Windows Vista (Intel x86,x64) / USB interface (GPIB or RS232C interface is required for controlling the thermostatic chamber)

Test Executive

Test Executive

This application controls the execution of the test. It starts and stops the test and monitors the test execution. It provides a real-time graphical representation of the per-channel charging/discharging trends.

Graph Viewer

Graph Viewer

This application offers graphical representations of the charging/discharging data for each cycle. It can display up to 99 sets of data overlaid one another in a single graph and perform statistical processing.

Conceptual Diagrams of Charging Mode Operation


CC-CV (constant current-constant voltage)


CC (constant current)


CC PWM (constant current PWM pulse)

Conceptual Diagrams of Discharging Mode Operation


CC (constant current)

CC pulse

CC pulse (constant current 8-value/20-value pulse)


CP (constant power)

CP pulse

CP pulse (constant power 20-value pulse)

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