4 items (1--4) Test and Measurement


Digital Power Meter (5mA〜20A)

KPM1000 Complied with IEC62301 First Edition Applies to the power measurement from the micro scale to the large scale !! The digital...


Digital Multimeter (6 1/2 digit)
2 Models

DME1600 6 1/2 digit resolution, Essential device of "Electronic Measurement" Supporting basic measurement with variety of options The...


50MHz Function Generator
2 Models

FGA5050 The LXI interface makes easier for the test system ! The FGA5050 is a function generator that equips with the arbitrary wave...


High Voltage Digital Voltmeter (AC/DC 10kV)

149-10A The 149-10A is a digital voltmeter that can measure high voltages up to a ±10kV AC and DC at high accuracy. Its high inp...