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  • The operation manual madepublicly open at this site is the version of thelatest revision. Therefore, the description inthe operation manual may differ from thespecification for the product in yourpossession. In such a case, please consult us for any inquiries.
  • Documents appended to theoperation manual (operation guide, list oferrata, and appended sheets) are not madepublicly open at this site. In addition, the"safety precautions" stated in the operationmanual have been prepared according to the legaland industrial criteria applicable at the timewhen the operation manual waswritten.
  • The contents of theoperation manual may include the item for"circuit diagram", but is not included in thePDF provided at this site.
  • If printing is to be carriedout, please check with the "Note" in theprinting set-up of the Acrobatapplication.
  • Part of the operation manualmay contain printing scanned from the originaldocument. Therefore, blurs and scratches mayexist because of staining and reading defects.Thank you for your understanding.
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